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Private Treaty Sales

  • We offer Private Treaty process for the sales of larger assets

    Such as Property sales, large or process equipment or Business sales as going concerns

Market Place Sales

  • MarketPlace Selling

    We offer more than just Auctions to sell your assets and Equipment!

    For those Assets that are less time sensitive or are large grouped assets that can maybe sub divided. Our Global Market Place Platform can offer your equipment via a 'buy it now' function or 'Make an offer' if you can make a deal to get your equipment sold.

    Contact us with what you have for sale sale.

    BidNet Auctions MarketPlace


  • On-Site Auctions

    Auctions open to everyone to view the items on site & bid.

  • Timed Online Auctions

    Bid from the comfort of your own home online.

  • Off-Site Auctions

    Hosting specific auctions on a companies site.

  • Disposal / Dispersal Auctions

    Disposal of items / surplus asset at auction.

  • Insolvency Auctions

    Insolvency stock sold at auction.

  • Bankruptcy Auctions

    Sale of assets for companies experiencing bankruptcy.

  • Liquidation Auctions

    Liquidated stock sold at auction.

  • Closure / Modernisation Auctions

    Sale of assets after a closure or for premises modernisation.

  • Industrial Auctions

    The sale of machinery and other industrial components.


  • Reuse Evaluation

  • Resale Evaluation

  • Cost Evaluation